What We Do

Field Marketing is one of the fastest growing and most important disciplines within the marketing mix as more companies realize the benefits of communicating face to face with the consumer and end user. It is a cost effective tool that puts your brand at the forefront of the consumer mind and has direct and measurable impact on brand awareness and sales.

Field Marketing activities and Experiential Marketing are more memorable than other forms of Marketing. It allows the consumer to engage in the activity using more of their five senses! It creates an interaction with consumers that will help generate sales and make their purchase a more memorable one.

Field marketing includes targeted direct selling activities, merchandising, auditing, sampling and demonstration, experiential marketing, road shows, events and mystery shopping. These disciplines, individually or combined, develop the brand, sales and will show clear return on investment (ROI). This is a key feature and benefit of field marketing – seeing revenue expenditure generate a specific return.

We offer short or long term dedicated Field Marketing Teams who will conduct regular store visits to serve your brand. We also offer in-store brand champions to drive sales directly.

Make Decisions Based on Findings and Have Full Understanding of Your Brand’s Distribution and Availability